Weddings / Nicole + Mackenzie

When Nicole and Mackenzie walked into Fathom Gallery for our first site visit I was immediately struck by two things 1. How effortlessly cool they were and 2. How in love they were. I immediately knew that I needed to be a part of their incredible love story. 

From day one they had a clear vision for what they wanted for their day. Romantic and moody yet simple and elegant. Their first two vendors that really set the ton were Emma Weiss for capturing the day and Sidra Forman for creating lush floral beauty. As they put it to me later in the planning process, those two picks “were a no brainer.” From larger than life urns to Nicole’s king protia bouquet to Mackenzie custom flower sash, in muted green, blush and cream tones, Sidra’s florals set the tone for the day. They had every detail planned to a T, including the surprise favors that arrived during the champagne toast, one a kind, vintage, champagne flutes that were sourced by and collected by Mackenzie’s Mom. The women believed that every little detail was important and wanted everyone to feel the love that they felt that day. 

Fathom Gallery was the perfect venue that created the sophisticated, simple, elegance they wanted as the back drop to their day. With clean, white brick walls and a bountiful green rooftop deck, it was a perfectly intimate space in a big city. 

The women curated their processional and recessional to be two halves of Balmorhea’s “Truth", each wanting to have their own moment in the song to make their entrance. 

Nicole and Mackenzie each had not one, but two looks for the evening. Nicole stunned in a Vera Wang gown for the ceremony while Mackenzie rocked a custom tuxedo. And with a quick change before their first dance, Nicole was in a Rachel Zoe sheath and Mackenzie let loose and lost the blazer and went suspenders and bow tie. 

Heirloom catering created a palettable entree for all with braised short rib and wild caught salmon toped with crispy butternut squash and homemade malt vinegar aioli. And citrus, pomegranate signature cocktail that was a refreshing fall sip. And their cake made by Fleur and Flour was adorned with hand made sugar greenery to match the florals from the day. 

As a small gesture to greet guests at Hotel Mason & Rook. The women had cookies made that matched their attire for the day and shared a little of Washington DC. 

The most memorable moment of the evening came during the ceremony when one of their readings, played through the speakers, was Maya Angelou reciting “Human Family.” Louder, more honest words have never been spoken. And to remember those words the women had their favorite printed for all to see throughout the evening.