Styling / Shanon Monson

Sometimes you get to work with really freakin cool people! Shannan Monson is just one of those people. This project was one of my favorites for the summer because I basically got play dress up and generate content for her brand that I am the target audience for. 

Sometimes when I am styling I really have to get inside the clients’ head but with Shannan I was already there. We were generating new content for her website update and social media with some flatlays and a lot of her doing her thang! 

This type of work has inspired how I think about my photo styling offerings and the potential for working with other female business owners and bloggers to help generate their content! 

But why would they need that? Because sometimes you just need someone to help source props, bring your vision to life and make you feel natural and comfortable in front of the camera to get the perfect shot. I will be offering packages that range from just concept generation to full on set styling on 2019. More to come on that... 

And of course I hope to work with Shannan again ... DUH!