Styling / Hannah Tonic

Sharing some highlights from my recent photo shoot with Laura Metzler Photography for Hana Tonic. I was first introduced to Hana Tonic at the Fostr Collaborative studio at the beginning of this pregnancy when I was having really bad sickness and the founder Renee offered a taste test to help settle my nausea. And it worked wonders! I drank it before an evening event when I was worried I wouldn’t even be able to make it through. Its not often I get to work on a project or with a brand that I believe in or that I get to use so this was a real treat! 

For this shoot we were focusing on lifestyle shots, product in use, and the ingredients of the product. So we went with light colors, summery props and put the product in contact for the lifestyle shots. We used a few pregnant and not pregnant models to show off the product, taste and interact. And for ingredients we broke it down and showed them all separately and then how they work together. Just a few of my favorites here!