August Feelings: How do you deal with burnout?

Let’s talk about burnout... I know so many fellow business friends have commented on this subject and in a very eloquent way. Burnout happens to everyone. It doesn’t matter what your day to day looks like, you might work on the hill, or be a stay at home mom, or run your business, but regardless we all reach a breaking point in which we just need to disconnect and curl up with our greatest comforts and completely forget whatever it is that we are supposed to be doing.

The definition of burnout is a “a state of mental, emotional, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged and repeated stress.” I have reached this point.

But my feelings for this month are not necessarily about burnout itself, because that definition I can grasp, but rather what to do when you literally are so burntout that you cannot find the time and space for those comforts. Everyone’s plate is full. It might be full of different things that take up different amounts of our time in our days that feels necessary (i.e. work, family, children, friends, travel, cleaning, shopping), but regardless I believe that it is in our human nature to fill our time. But how do you wipe that all away when you need to? How do you make time for the comforts when you hit the burnout point?

I think this is what the kids are calling “self care” these days. And I am SO on board. But as someone who’s time is completely full, which I love 99% of the time, how do I find time for it? What gives? When you are in a position like mine of juggling what feels like a never ending bucket of balls, you literally have to schedule your burnout and then just pray that you make it to the day that your comfort can begin for you to reset and get ready for whatever is next. So, I have scheduled some time up north with the family to reset and hopefully recharge, but can I make it to the day?

Would love to hear how others handle this situation...


Elizabeth CarberryComment