March Feelings: Asking For Help

So this month was a big month for the family but also for me personally. We got a nanny. Two things to acknowledge here is that since Cannon was born I have not be home with him all the time, we’ve had amazing help from the grandparents, so we have had some help. And the second is that the reason this feels so different is because we got more help because I needed it. I had to ask for more help and as a family we have to make some financial sacrifices so that we can bring in that help for me to work harder. 

I do not ask for help. It’s just not in my nature (unless your name is Patrick Carberry and then I nag you for help all day long), but this was different. We reached a point where I could no longer juggle my business with both kids without just putting them in front of the tv. As a serial entrepreneur since 2011, I have learned to do almost everything on my own, no partners, no stable employees, just me. But in the last year that has shifted. Business has picked up, I added another business and we added a human to our family so something had to give … and it wasn’t going to be the human obviously! So when Haddie was born it quickly became clear that my choices were to ask for help or give up parts of my business. 


Fast forward to last week and our nanny started. She is in college, flexible schedule, good with kids, all the boxes checked, but it wasn’t until I got home that day that I realized she wasn’t there for the kids, when she asked, “How was your day? Did you get a lot done?” She was there for me. For me to get a lot done. She was MY help and it felt AMAZING! 

This lesson was clear from that point on. Asking for help can be so important, even if just for the smallest thing. As a mother, entrepreneur, woman and just human, it is often hard to ask for help because you just keep trying to make and find time to do it all. But when you do release a tiny bit of responsibility it can be changing and help in more ways than you realize. I even had an hour last night to watch Grey’s uninterrupted!