February feelings: EmbracIng the chaos

Embracing the chaos. This is the strangest thing in the entire world for me, but since I have started to “slow things down” per my January feelings post, I have tried to embrace the chaos. 

I once read an article that if it can be done in two minutes or less, you should do it in that moment, otherwise it should be prioritized on a list. And for the last few years I have tried to do everything in life with that in mind, but since Haddie came along, two minutes has been even harder to come by. Finding two minutes some days is actually impossible and frankly I was driving Patrick crazy with repeating “if it takes two minutes or less.” 


Sooo I have been going to bed with the dishes in the sink, cars and trucks laying around the house, baskets of laundry and some. I have been trying to embrace the chaos. But through embracing the chaos at home, I have found my head more clear to focus on work when I need to and I have been 10x more efficient - it’s amazing! And it has left room in my brain and time in the evening to find new ways to organize the chaos. 

Now, instead of my two minutes or less I have started something new. Whenever we have time, where we do the 10 minute pick up. We set a timer on our phone and pick a level of the house and clean / tidy / put things away until the timer goes off. It is incredible how much two people can actually get done in 10 minutes. 


By embracing the chaos, I found a new method that works for us to keep up with things and have been uber productive with work. I’d say it’s been a good month. 

Elizabeth Carberry