January Feelings: Taking Life a Bit Slower

This month has been beyond difficult. Having two kids is no joke. Having two kids in the cold is a joke. And trying to run three businesses all the while just feels impossible most days. Something happened this week (more on that later), that really caused me to think about the pace at which I live life and it is FAST. 

Patrick and I have always been the kind of people that are on the go, which we love! We love to experience new things and go on new adventures. We just like to be doing something at all times, but now that we have two kids, that just might not be possible anymore. I keep joking that I never really got a maternity leave but this month that hit home hard. In January alone all four of us have been sick at least once, which means that on top of still waking up to feed Haddie once a night, not much sleep was had because we were all miserable. So, having enough energy to get work done or even to do something fun as a family has been minimal. 


This week I got to thinking about my time and how I spend it and how I cram things into days to the point where I am just running around like crazy. I am constantly trying to be mom, wife, caretaker and boss all at once. Well I think that has to stop. I have to separate out my time to focus on each individually in its own time. While I know that part of it is in my nature, part of is controllable and I can avoid it by being more organized and having a better schedule and reminding myself of what I am supposed to be doing each day, and also just taking time to breathe and appreciate the beautiful chaos of this phase of life. 


So, a few intentions that I am borrowing from The Everygirl: 

  1. More Adventure: Specifically with Patrick, taking time with each other, without work and kids

  2. Less Worrying: About every little thing that needs to get done - dishes, laundry, bills, emails etc. 

  3. More Creating: Focusing on expanding the brand and staying true to doing what I love

  4. Less Scrolling: Trying to limit my time on my computer and phone to only when I NEED to be on them 

  5. More Presence: With my kids in times that they need me and with myself when I need me 

  6. Less Comparison: To the life that I think I should have and just enjoying the incredibly amazing life I do have (because it’s pretty fucking awesome!!) 

I hope that these intentions can help me to slow things down and be in the moment!