Winter OPI Colors To Try

I literally won’t even get my nails done if it’s not OPI, and no this is not sponsored or an ad! I have just always found that OPI stays the longest and the brightest and I love their colors so much more than other brands. Also, I am well aware of how basic this blog post is, but there is literally nothing better to me than a fresh mani and pedi. I try to get every two - three weeks. 

On my recent visit to the nail salon I discovered a new color (which I rarely do, I stick to basically the same 4 colors all year round), but I loved this one so much I figured I would share it and my other winter faves. 

  1. March In Uniform: If you’re into those winter blues 

  2. Lincoln Park After Dark: The perfect black 

  3. The Latest and Slatest: A slate grey that goes with literally. everything. 

  4. Suzi The First Lady: An army green that is my fave 

  5. Yes, My Condor Can-Do: A nice deep merlot 

Happy pampering friends!