pregnancy update.

Soooo I’m in labor... Well sort of! I started having intense cramping and contractions so we were admitted to the hospital for a day to prep for potential preterm labor. What does that mean? It means that I am having contractions and cramping that is the start of labor but my water didn’t break and I am not dilated so there is nothing they can do for me.

Apparently these things just happen sometimes and there is no explanation, but the only solution is to make yourself comfortable and just make sure you don’t further the process.

It has been overwhelming to say the least - both physically and emotionally! While I don’t think (and now we know after two days on monitoring) that this little lady is popping out today, the thought that it could happen earlier is just totally not one that I ever wanted to have for so many reasons! 


The plan right now is just to take it as easy as possible and to keep her in there as long as possible. While I am not on bed rest, the more I move, the worse the contractions and discomfort get so I have to stay off my feet as much as I can (which if you know me is easier said than done...). 

Obviously this has cause our heads to spin about how hard it might be if she arrives early just in terms of her battles to continue to develop, but also for us to process the situation that our daughter could be born and then in the NICU for some time.


I’ll probably be on weekly monitoring until we are in the clear but definitely hoping that we can take it one week at a time until we at least make it to 36 weeks! 

For now... mama needs so much sleep and rest!