third trimester.

Wow this pregnancy is going be at a moderate pace… I wish I could say that it was flying by but I have been feeling every minute of this one. You would think will how busy this summer has been I would feel like the pregnancy has just been fading into the background but that is so not the case. Maybe because I found out later in the pregnancy than I did with Cannon or maybe because I more pregnancy earlier being a whole two months ahead, but this one definitely hasn’t been fun in the summer. 

People keep asking how I’m feeling and in the grand scheme of things, I feel FINE. Not great but fine. I’m exhausted, mostly because I work late at night, am uncomfortable when sleeping, and then am awoken by my full of life toddler at 6 am every day, and I’ve been eating like total crap this pregnancy because I just need the comfort foods. But most of all I’m just definitely more uncomfortable and am not feeling that glow that I felt with Cannon (maybe it’s a girl thing?). 


The next two months are going to be insane until I finish up on November 1. My biggest priority is finishing this pregnancy happy and strong so that little lady comes out happy and strong and to spend as much time as possible with my little man. I am starting to feel so overwhelmed by the thought of him sharing me soon… 

3 months and counting!