summer maternity must haves.

I’ve been trying to share more about this pregnancy as much as I can through social media but it’s definitely been a more challenging one. 

There are a few things I literally cannot get through a day (or maybe a week without) and when you’re chasing one around it’s all about simplifying. So here is a quick list of must haves for my second (hot summer) pregnancy. 

  1. A good pillow: laying on my back is crucial this time around so a good soft pillow is a must and mine has been traveling everywhere with me! 

  2. Have you heard of the traveling pants well this dress from Marine Layer has magical powers in it too. It’s comfy, stretches can be casual or dressed up and hides those pregnancy imperfections- MAGIC!   

  3. Sleeping is hard. I have two eye masks that I rotate in night by night. I purchased them a long time ago at an airport, but I highly recommend an soft eye mask to help calm you and stay asleep (especially if you’re a traveler like I am). 

  4. I feel like all my doctor talks to me about is drinking water. Lots and lots of water. But if you’re anything like me you don’t like lugging around large bottles and hate wasting a billion plastic ones. This little imitation Swell bottle is the perfect size! 

  5. This is a hard one but I finally found a cute maternity bathing suit from the Gap and I’m obsessed. Find one that is comfortable and that you feel good in (Target has some good ones too)! 

  6. Tums. Lots and lots of tums. Need I say more?