pod hotel.

Sometimes you need to recharge, regroup and just have a fun night in your own city … right?! Well when Pod Hotel reached out about collaborating for a little girls night and dat night staycation, it was an ideal request! And let me tell you… Pod got it right. 

As a micro-hotel, by definition, Pod has a large, open, and inviting social spaces that are a one stop shop for enjoying an evening without venturing too far. I was lucky to get two different experiences with Pod, a date night and a girls night. For both girls night and date night I would go back to the Crimson Whiskey Bar every time. The vibe is a cozy, basement man cave without feeling like you’re drinking in a college basement. The leather finishes and vintage furnishings really give it an intimate vibe and not like you’re in a old musty basement. Also, as you know, I am a wine drinker, but I couldn’t help myself with the pretty and delicious cocktails (probably a few too many). Try the Hemingway (or 3)! 


What really caught my eye from when I first got to Pod, was its’ commitment to keeping it feeling fresh and local and not like some big hotel chain. Obviously, my favorite element  is their commitment to art. When you first arrive, you are immediately greeted by a full wall mural in the lobby from artists Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann and Joseph Corcoran. It is truly incredible! 


The other unique program that Pod created when building the hotel is the #PodPerspective - a collaboration with PIXELLAB Photography & Design to travel through our amazing city and document it in photographs. Every room, hallway and space in Pod now has a different photo sharing the city from a different perspective than what you might be used to. As a local, it was refreshing to see images of the city decorating that aren’t the same old monuments. 


When I first arrived with all of my stuff, the staff said "you know these rooms are tiny," which they are and I had a ton of stuff, but they work. Pod found a way to maximize the space with storage under the bed, ample hanging areas and shelving. And the design and decor in each room is on point. Right up my alley being super minimal with pops of color (blue mostly duh!). 


I also had a chance to sit in the Crimson Diner + Coffee Bar prior to happy hour for a cup of tea and a bite; it is the perfect spot whether you’re local or out of town for a meeting or lunch date! 

Thanks for the amazing stay Pod! 


All photos taken by Lauren Louise Photography