hadley anne. month 3.

Not going to lie, finding things that are different for both children to post for their monthly items is definitely going to be hard for the year so we might be getting a lot of cute girl’s clothes and bows in the coming months! 

This month I am sharing two of our biggest investments for babe number two. The first is a personal one - the Willow Pump and the second is our Motorola baby monitor. I love both! I will reserve most of my comments on the pump for my full review on the blog next month, but for the monitor it was the most affordable option that gave us everything we were looking for … multiple cameras, a monitor and app, and clear visual and audio. For a few months leading up to H’s birth we only had an audio monitor for C and honestly it drove me crazy so having the visuals on both of them definitely helps me sleep a bit better! 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 9.22.27 AM.png

The other items for this month are easy ones! Although I will say the reason I am sharing the rocker (which I also shared one month for C), is because I think I jinxed myself for it with C because after I shared it for him, he never was in it again. But H seems to love it more!