hadley anne. month 2.

We started this month in the most magical place on earth with the carberry family … disney! She was a real minnie fan!

Month 2 has been a dream with Ms. Hadley Anne. Obviously, having two is not always a “dream” and has its challenges but as far as babies go, we are lucky with this one! Hadley is a great sleeper (only waking up once a night) and eats constantly (which admittedly can be a bit difficult for mama some days), but she is an angel baby! As she is becoming more alert it gets harder and harder to split time between the two kids every day so I am definitely looking forward to getting her on a schedule of some kind in month 3.

Our essentials this month have been to make baby and mommy’s life a little easier. Our saving grace - the Little Remedies Gas Relief. Haddie is a very gassy baby and has really bad reflux. I was very hesitant at first to be giving her something regularly that she is ingesting but my other mom friend (shout out to Stephanie), convinced me to do it and my amazing pediatrician approved so Little Remedies it is! And it has been amazing! 

Also for all of the dads out there… two words. Magnetic. Onesie. 


1. Wild Bird Sling | 2. Magnetic Me Onesie | 3. Marpac white noise machine | 4. Love to Dream sleep sack | 5. Little Remedies Gas Relief