hadley anne. month 1.

She’s here! She’s here! That was the shortest and longest pregnancy of all time considering we found out at week 9 and had her at just 36 weeks. More on her birth story to come soon! But month one has been a whirlwind navigating two babes under two and just spending quality time with H. 


Since she was premature, all of her clothes in the first month were premie (very frustrating to find cute ones) and we had most of the essentials from Cannon, but I managed to round up the newest things that were H specific! 


1. Little Poppy Co. (Use ILOVEBOWS to get 50% OFF your first month) | 2. Dockatot | 3. Mam Pacifiers (amazing for small / premie babies) | 4. Zara clothes (OBSESSED) | 5. Doona Car Seat (MUST HAVE)