plants for black thumbs from little leaf.

In 2017, with our first full year in the house, I learned a lot. The thing that I think I loved exploring most was my green thumb (or lack there of). I would say that a year ago my thumb was the blackest it could ever be, I literally killed every plant that I ever came into contact with, including succulents. But wow has that changed. I can’t get enough of having plants around the house (I still might kill one from time to time but have gotten WAY better - RIP Fiddle Leaf #1). 


As I have been exploring plants and how to keep them alive and which are easiest, I decided to connect with my friends at Little Leaf on what they recommend as the five easiest plants to take care of. And drum roll please……. Here they are: 

  1. ZZ Plant: It needs indirect sunlight, very little water and fun fact it used be known exclusively as the “mall plant” because it was always in every mall in America.

  2. Snake Plant: Sadly known for its’ ability to be able to survive after being neglected for weeks. It requires indirect sunlight and very little water (especially in the winter).

  3. Heartless Philodendron: A plant with over 200 different varietals, it need low light and only needs to have the soil slightly damp at all times.

  4. Watermelon Peperomia: Native to South America, it needs indirect sunlight, a colder climate and moderate watering.

  5. Air Plants/Spanish Moss: Another fun fact is that I kill these all the time, so I’m still working on this one… But it needs direct sunlight and daily misting of water.

Soooo I’ve definitely killed air plants (maybe a 2018 goals should be keeping them alive), but working on keeping the others alive. So far my Heartless Philodendron is doing great! I even have a mini one in the bedroom! Anyone up for a challenge of keeping all five alive? 


Stop by Little Leaf to grab any of the above plants and plenty more! Not only do they carry the plants but tons of pots and planters for keeping your babies look so fresh and so clean; among other accessories. Thanks for the intel Little Leaf!