winter getaway. gurney's at montauk.

I acknowledge in advance that this winter getaway location is a hike for most people and not an average recommendation considering it’s mostly a summer destination but it was worth it. Patrick and I spend at least one of the two major holidays up north with his family on Long Island. Patrick is from a small town at the end of the island call Aquebogue, closest major town is Riverhead. And it is just a hop skip and jump away the Hamptons and Montauk (especially in the off season when traffic is minimal). This year we spent the week of Thanksgiving up with the Carberry family and they were nice enough to take Cannon for a night so that we could zip away from a quick overnight. We ended up choosing Gurney’s in Montauk because it was close and allowed for the greatest amount of time away and not traveling. And because I had actually never been (blasphemy!). 


By the photos I knew it was my kind of spot; beach views, spa, contemporary look/feel and gorgeous intimate restaurant for a date night - perfect because we never have to leave the hotel! And the rates for the off season were affordable (compared to the summer rates that can get up there into the thousands). And from the minute we walked in I was hooked! 


We started the day having an afternoon cocktail, watching football at the bar and took a (very cold) walk outside to see the view. Once in our room we got ready for dinner and took a quick siesta (not sure when the last time I was able to take a nap was), and then like the new parents slash old people we are, our dinner reservation was at 5:30. The menu looked incredible but in all honestly I would give the food a B-, not that I’m a critic or anything, but it was good, just not great. We had heard such good things too but it was all just a touch salty and lacked real flavor. After dinner was movie night (The Kingsmen of course - a new favorite of mine) and we were both asleep by 9 and slept until 6. It was amazing! 


The morning started slowly with Pat getting a work out in and I had some work to do so I sat in their little coffee area. Then it was spa time! A massage for me please! The spa itself wasn’t your typical ambience. It was very much like a locker room but they still had a sauna, steam room and hot tub for relaxation before my service. The massage itself was excellent and definitely something I would do again on our next trip. 


We opted to skip brunch in the hotel at their adorable second restaurant (much to my dismay) because Pat HAD to go to this pancake diner that he used to go to as a kid. It was exactly that. A diner that serves a dozen different flavors of pancakes. And I got chicken fingers… HA. So not exactly the most romantic was to end our little getaway but Pat was thrilled. 

We made our way home! Of course making one more stop for me on the way for my first experience at Wolffer Estate Winery. It was a sleepy day (a Monday of a holiday week), so there were only two other couples there so it was quiet but the decor and ambiance were beautiful! I got a tasting flight since all I had ever had of theirs was the rose and it did not disappoint. My favorite (shockingly) Chardonnay … because it was too oaky - I hate oaky. 


Then to home we went to see our bub and celebrate the holiday! We will definitely be making this an annual trip I think!