cannon thomas. month 8.

When the doctor said that months 6-9 would be the most he would grow in his life they were not kidding. I feel like I already have a little man on my hands. He is crawling. Trying to walk. Goo goo and gaa gaa-ing up a storm. Even starting to clap! We're working on waving... 


This month he was all over again with his "favorites" (which to be clear are hints that he has been drawn to because we purchase slash provide them for him...). The first thing is Moana. And before all you judgey moms say "screen time!!!!!" Let me share that it's not just the movie, it's also the soundtrack. We have a rule of screen time only in the car/when traveling and then very rarely at home when we need to unwind as a family. So total he maybe watches the movie 3 times a month. However the soundtrack also does the trick. He loves! The grandma is his favorite which not so secretly makes me happy that he loves the strong quirky female character! But also other moms might sympathize with the fact that I now can recite every song on command... 


Because he's getting more mobile we finally have in and got him a walker which he's been loving (for all of 20 minutes at a time)! And toys that he can move and be interactive with like his vtech alphabet train! 

Bath time continues to be a favorite and the foam bath letters are great for both bath time and just a teething toy on the go. The bright colors (obviously) help. 


And this month I feel like we are finally in a regular routine of feed, bath, books, bed. And we are switching up books because like Moana, Patrick could recite Boss Baby word for word. So Patrick, who normally handles book time, has switched up to "love you forever". 

1. vtech alphabet train | 2. moana  | 3. foam alphabet letters | 4. love you forever | 5. baby einstein walker

We've got a fun month ahead of some friend and family time mostly around dc! And maybe a walking little man?? Can't wait!