obsessed. september 2017.

is it fall yet? i wish... because it seems to still be 1000 degrees. sooo my mind this month has still been on the warmer side with my selections! i have basically been wearing number 1 on repeat this month and cannon has been wearing number 2 (in 4 colors ... on repeat). and all while listening to my feel good song of the fall (literally). 

as you may know, most of the art that i become obsessed with i connect with on instagram and this month was no different. taylor has an amazing feed and recently installed at west elm! 

oh and who doesn't need a fancy shmancy soap sponge ... 


fashion 1. pleated sleeveless vest | baby 2. cotton jersey crew neck tee | art 3. taylor kampa | music 4. daya - feel good | home 5. soap lift

maybe next month will be a little more comfy and cozy and "fall"!