obsessed. august 2017.

i missed june and july's obsessions (woops) so i think this is likely a combo but I figured i would get it up and out earlier than usual so that maybe people will actually spend their paychecks on these things like i did... this month i mixed it up between local and mainstream picks and unlike may i only own 1 of 5, the stokke high chair. and unless you live under a rock, you probably will notice number 1 is from the nordstrom sale which has been everywhere for the last few weeks and every blogger under the sun seems to be buying their entire year's wardrobe from the sale but the thing i needed most was new day-to-day studs and these fit the bill! oh and i guess i have heard the imagine dragons song a few times... 

fashion 1. studs from nordstrom | baby 2. stokke high chair | art 3. kira luca | music 4. imagine dragons - walking the wire | home 5. spoon rest from gopi shah that i found at salt and sundry

happy shopping friends!