napa. one year later. part 2.

Well I said Saturday was wedding day and it was THE MOST gorgeous wedding day I think there ever was. The sun was shining and the air was warm but with a bit of that San Francisco breeze in the air. And our friends Caitlin and Steve got married at the most gorgeous little estate in downtown Napa. So intimate and so perfect for them! But Saturday wasn’t all wedding because we ate lunch at Addendum. Which was the best fried chicken ever. It’s the to-go locations for fried chicken and southern bites from Thomas Keller. If you don’t know his food - get to know it. Out of this world! 


Then Sunday (a very hungover crew) continued on our wine tour journey. We had another full day lined of three tastings and then an excellent dinner in downtown Napa. First up was Silver Oak which was amazing. A newer winery with beautiful grounds and gorgeous tasting room and for someone who doesn’t like red wine much, their Cabernet Sauvignon was just perfect. They also had an awesome cookbook that I ended up buying as a Christmas present for family that pairs the food and wine - love it! Their wine tour was also great! Very informative and comprehensive with a mix of history on the winery and wine. 

Next up was Cakebread. And this is where things started to get blurry for my friends because their tasting was long, delicious and with heavy pours. Well worth the money on this one! And overall I feel like the group as a whole probably would recommend this one most. Price point wise for the money and the incredible quality it was their favorite! It was also an awesome outdoor tasting experience as opposed to be inside. 

Last up was my personal favorite (having celebrated my 24th birthday there just a few years ago…) - Domaine Chandon for a little outdoor picnic and bubbly. They just have a really awesome outdoor area that is great for spending hours sipping champagne and munching on meats and cheese! 


To end our amazing trip we had dinner in downtown Napa at Celadon. If you have never been to Celadon run, don’t walk. The food was incredible! I believe the fan favorite was the watermelon feta salad. We enjoyed conversation over naming Carbaby (we went through every boy’s name there ever was), and Patrick become really good friends with the waitress. 


The next morning we enjoyed a top down ride back into San Fran for a quick sourdough bread bowl soup at Boudin before we caught our flight. Hopefully next time I won’t be pregnant and can actually enjoy the fruits of Napa.