cannon thomas. month 6.

How did half a year go by? It still feels like he is a newborn. Mostly because I learn new things about him every day. And he learns new things every single day - it’s amazing!! We got to celebrate his six months on earth in Easton with our “Framily” (aka our closest group of DC based friends). It was a blast! I got him a little dressed up for the occasion too - making it to 1/2 a year is something to celebrate! 


The month was fairly low key as a whole otherwise but did get to spend some good time with the Carberry side up in New York again and cannon had his first experience at the swordfish club which he (we) loved. He’s getting used to the water and slowly but surely becoming a little water baby. Loving the kiddy pools!! Taking it slowly on the adult pools… 

Started working on the sleep training (I have a goal for him to be trained and ready for sleeping on his own by September 1). He’s not a self soother but he is definitely getting the hang of sleeping in his own room and we’ve dropped that nighttime feeding - which gives me just a bit more sleep and it’s awesome! 

  1. One thing that has helped in training has been this weighted sleep sack. It’s just a bit of that extra comfort that he needs to calm down when it’s sleep time. 
  2. His kiddy pool… We have a few of them now that we have spread out up and down the east coast at our various family stops because he loves splashing in them so much but this one is great because it also has a sprinkler feature. 
  3. THE LIFE SAVER!!! It’s a youtube video that plays for one hour and forty-five minutes and it is incredible. He is glued to it. Now I know someone is about to scream “Screen time” … relax!! We only let him watch it while traveling so that he calms down if/when needed.
  4. My go-to for putting him to sleep? This Relax Melodies app. I do a combo of the white, brown and pink noise and the music box and the kid is just in a trance (most of the time). We have it on the iPad in his room and then on our phones for when traveling. 
  5. And lastly an update on food… I have found Ella’s kitchen to be his favorite as we enter stage 2. They have a really great line up of organic products and he and I love the pouches because they can be spoon fed at home and, again, so easy to take on the go (do you sense a theme here). He just got into the Meat Medley. 

This months lineup reminded me that I really should share why we are always “on the go.” Trust me, my kid naps and sleeps at home 75% of the time, we’re not nomads but we definitely live an active lifestyle. More on that to come I guess…