cannon thomas. month 5.

Well month five came and went faster than I could have ever imagined. What did we even do this month? We spent some time in New York with the Carberry family and then plenty of time in DC but best of all was Gran and Papa Bob’s wedding in Connecticut. What a week that was! 

Cannon is growing like a weed and getting more and active and interested in his toys, sounds, and movements. So this month we are focusing on those things… 

  1. And BINGO was his name-o! If I hear that song one more time…. HA! His grandparents got him this adorable little puppy from Cuddle Barn that claps his hands and sings the song on repeat - Cannon loves it! 
  2. We’re still doing our nightly reading and a new one we introduced was Little Blue Truck (although not loving it as much as he still loves Boss Baby).
  3. We have an activity seat and he is loving it! Just starting to figure out how to rotate in it but he’ll get there. He especially love the rattle piece that looks like a cloud. And this one from Skip Hop is so great because it can transition with him as he gets old (I am all about the transitional baby stuff). 
  4. We are always on the go and I am finding more and more than he can engage with will sitting in the car seat or in an airport. I bought this Infantino monkey rattle early on and it’s great because it’s a teething ring and rattle (again with the multi purpose). 
  5. And lastly, he got his little Zubels rattle crab as a gift in May that he is loving at home (can you tell he’s into the rattling). I love that it’s fabric and soft and a great size to take on the go or just for him to play with at home.

It’s not all fun and games though! We are still rocking the solids and doing well at that (loving our prunes, mangos and sweet potatoes). I have been a freak about finding totally organic food for him Beech Nut and Ella’s are the two I am leaning toward (I am sure more to come on that). Hoping to get a good routine and sleep training started in the month to come! 

Any tips and tricks out there fellow moms?