rosé all day. bridge lane.

Rosé all day!! You’re probably going to see it on social media 100 times today but there it is… It’s national Rosé day! Despite the fact that my nearest and dearest know me as “Pinot” I have totally jumped onto the Rosé fad band wagon and am totally obsessed.

Last weekend we got to spend some time with the in laws up on the north fork, Long Island. For those that don’t know, Long Island has some incredible wineries and most of them are on the north fork, which is where Patrick is from, a tiny town called aquebogue to be exact. Anyway, as is tradition, I dragged the whole family out wine tasting with a specific place to taste in mind this time, Bridge Lane. I kid you not, I have found my wine spirit animal. Not only is their Rosé the kind that you could literally drink all day errday but their branding is on point and how cute is their tasting room!!! so. cute.

Naturally we started by tasting a flight. Now let me say that this wine is easy drinking wine. I wouldn’t pour it to sip one glass over a long expensive dinner. As someone once said “it’s good pizza wine” - and by good I mean amazing! Their flight is a nice progression though through all of their varietals. After the full tasting my faves are: 

Rosé (you probably could have guessed that) 

Savi B (duh)

Chardonnay (and this one was shocking… I normally do not like chardonnay, ever. But this has a lighter, crisp taste because it’s aged in steel, no oak) 

The best part about bridge lane wines? The come in bottles, boxes and kegs. Yes. kegs. Which is dangerous for this mama. If you’re ever on the north fork, please try bridge lane, and I hope to be able to bring their wine down to dc soon! 

For now, I’ll just be enjoying my box until I get my first club shipment…