i made. blueberry muffins.

soooo i admit that this one isn't that original... but oh so easy to make! i am definitely not a baker. i don't like the precise measurements and really the lack of flexibility for creativity in baking recipes, so when I do i like it to be quick and easy. these blueberry muffins came about because a. it's sunday and a bit too hot to be outside for long and b. farmers market blueberries make it that much more #basic for the blog. 

i made the recipe from where else... food.com using some fresh blueberries from the market. and of course, when I decided to make these my husband tried to convince me to just buy some random blueberry muffins and a few ingredients and fake it. buuuut for the purposes of documenting and sharing, i did actually make the muffins. 

i usually try to alter a recipe to make it a bit more unique but did not do this time. i did however observe a few things about myself and baking:

  1. i still do not follow to rules (despite my previous statements). i definitely added more blueberries than requested and a smidge more sugar.
  2. no matter what... when i make muffins they do not rise above the edge of the mold and are rather flat. i do not understand how to get that height in muffins (perhaps a later blog post exploration)
  3. i enjoy taking time to make something different on a sunday afternoon. this is the 3rd time that one of my blog recipes have been a sunday activity (again, perhaps something worth continuing to explore)

hope everyone takes the time to make something this week or takes time to just find something to disconnect.