obsessed. may.

this month i was so obsessed that i pretty much bought or already owned everything on my list.  normally my monthly obsessions pull from things that i am really wanting buuuuut i caved on two of the five. the baby sleeper was hands down the most used gift we received for cannon. that thing has been shipped all across the country for all of our travels so that cannon had a comfy place to sleep. i caved on the cutting board (as if i needed another one) and the mules (they are great run around shoes). and HAIM's song is everything. i am swim fan obsessed with them. now if only i can convince laura of a typical notion to "lend" me a piece or two... 


art 1. laura mcguigan: a typical notion | baby 2. baby delight snuggle nest | fashion 3. franco sarto mules | music 4. haim "want you back" | home 5. olive oil cutting board

i actually own slash have used 4 of the 5 of these... here's hoping for a piece of laura's to join my collection soon.