mothers day.

next weekend is my first mothers day. and honestly i'm not one for "hallmark holidays" so there wont be any gifts in this house, just quality time together. don't get me wrong, i love celebrating everything - literally. everything. but, i would prefer it to be when it means something and not just because that's the day. with that said, it got me thinking about things that I would like as a new mom.

1. a freshly scented (uninterrupted) bath with a lush bomb | 2. something to remind you of the little one - a constellation of when they were born from baublebar | 3. the. best. smelling. candle. ever. from nest | 4. a powerglow peel facial in 2 minutes (because i know that's all we've got) | 5. airpods: because you not longer have free hands | 6. splendid shoes for literally everything, all summer long. 

happy mothers day to all!