cannon thomas. month 4.

just under the wire on this one... so this month was a lot more traveling and bopping around the country for little cc. First was aunt tala’s wedding in new mexico which went swimmingly (and was gorge and amazing and all the love), until our connecting flight home from Dallas to dc got cancelled after waiting the airport for 6 hours leaving us stranded in Dallas to get a hotel room for the night. Soooo that was interesting with a 4 month old. Then we were in up in Massachusetts with Grammy for cousin Emily's graduation and then a quick trip to ny/Ct to plan for gran and pop's wedding. Somewhere in there We also got two teeth! Two. Legit. Teeth. Crazy!! 


Annnnnnnd big news is that cannon started solids. Very sporadically. Just starting the introduction but still huge news and he loves them! Sweet potatoes are the favorite so far. And watching him wear them is just as cute as watching him eat them! 

Although we have rolled over once or twice, not much progress there, but sitting up has been progressively getting better and better! Sooo lots of new and exciting for the fourth month of being the cutest little boy there ever was. And then best and brightest accessories this month are: 

  1. Super easy and easy to distract and use when needed the most are his teething rings. I keep them in the freezer 24/7 so they’re ready to go when the pain gets bad. 
  2. 4moms makes amazing products but I think the tub is my favorite. It tells the temperature, and has two sections for sitting and for cleaning water. It as also has easy convenient drains to quickly get I cleaned out.
  3. Because of all of the traveler we needed a folding stroller that was easy on the go - enter the Uppababy Gluxe. It is amazing. Perfect size, easy to fold. Great steering. And seems to be super comfy. 
  4. Oh the wubba nub (the blue bear of course). Not as a pacifier but rather as an overall chew toy. He is obsessed with sucking and biting and just overall entertaining himself with it forever. 
  5. And lastly for the traveling family the ergo baby. Not a big news flash here but I cannot tell you enough have this thing has made it so easy to travel and be on the go with your little one - incredible!

To many more travel adventures with the bubbaloo!