district bliss diy. not your average blogger.

On May 21 my friends Sarah and Sara with District Bliss are trusting me to drop some wisdom on an unsuspecting group of people that are interested in how to start a blog. So I bring you "Not Your Average Blogger: Blogging to Document Your Life" - link here. This work will give you a glimpse of how to start a blog, but also explore the idea that a blog doesn’t mean you have to be a blogger full time. With the rise of blogging as a full time profession, some of us opt to create and share memories, thoughts and ideas through writing - enter a blog. 

I started my blog in January 2016 as a result of reading an article about the importance of documenting your life through writing (yes I wish I had kept the article because it had such a profound impact on me clearly but alas I did not). But my goal has always been simple - to share stories of my life and document things that are of interest to me and share them widely. 

I was excited (and admittedly a bit nervous) when District Bliss asked me to do this workshop because I don’t consider myself a blogger. But I always enjoy sharing what I know with others that are just starting to do the same… so here it goes! and did i mention that all attendees get a free consultation/photo session with right foot creative and my friend Mary Godier of Mary Elizabeth Creative will be joining us for tips and tricks! 

Hope to see you on the 21st at West Elm! And get your ticket here! please?



photo credit: theeverygirl.com