art picks. may.

Yesterday was a great day! A really great day! I got to bring my man along to do my favorite activity - experiencing art. We desperately tried to get into Infinity Mirrors at the hirshhorn but alas we failed. So, I took him to see the recently reopened east building of the national gallery. He slept through it obviously (because he's four months old and doesn't understand the concept yet) but it was special for me. 

It got me thinking about my recommendations and goals for art to see in D.C. this month so here's my list. 

  1. national gallery (east building): after recent renovations they've reopened better than ever. And the best part? In addition to the famed 15 ft. blue chicken Katharina Fritsch’s “Hahn/Cock” on the roof, they have a room entirely dedicated to a rotated exhibition of the work of my personal favorite Mark Rothko paired with Barnett Newman. If you need peace, quiet and to experience something that takes no thought or agenda. Please go. 
  2. Forty seven pieces at Dolcezza: my girl drew feith tye is showing her collection of works inspired by the music of her friend (and amazing musician Kellyn Marie goler). Late this month she will open a show at studio 1469. Check her out here or on insta @drewfeithtye
  3. Hemphill fine arts: in case you didn't get it from number 1 and my favorite artist, I love minimal art with a bit of controlled chaos in composition. This month Hemphill fine arts (conveniently located on 14th street) is showing Jacob Kainen. Although I'm not as familiar with the work it is #goals to make it there. 
  4. Latela Art Gallery “It Looks Easier Than It Is”: The show features one of my favorite artists that I have been following on Instagram for some time - Laura McGuigan (@atypicalnotion). While her work is different than previously mentioned minimal style, there is something really interesting about it and the way it flows and creates a landscape of whatever the view wants to see. I’m going to check it out tomorrow!  
  5. Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors at the Hirshhorn: If you haven’t heard about it or haven’t already tried to go 1,000 times then you a. Live under a rock and b. Need to run there asap because it closes this weekend. I sadly will not be able to catch the show because I missed my last chance yesterday (you need to start lining up by 7:30 am to get a pass). But if you do go - send me all the pics because it breaks my heart to miss and I am seriously contemplating going to Seattle for another leg of the show’s tour. 

Soooo run (or take a nice walk in this gorgeous spring weather) to check these out. Or let's go together?