cannon thomas. month 3.

Not going to lie. Month three has flown by and has been exhausting in a lot of ways! Mostly because I started back to client work full time. So now I'm full time moming and full time working. Phew. But baby bub could not be any more happy. He is literally the. Happiest. Baby. Ever. 

If you haven't followed my insta stories then you haven't heard the giggles that come out of him. They will melt your heart. This month was all about play time and getting into a sleep routine (not sleep training yet... that will likely be next month). In addition to the toys from last month we made some new friends that I'm sharing below. And I have to reiterate his obsession with Sophie. She basically his girlfriend... 

We had some big firsts this month. He's been to three baseball games already which has been awesome! We also went swimming for the first time at our trip to the Greenbrier! And while it may not actually be cannon's favorite thing, the swim diaper that he worse just was too cute not to share. 

  1. Da na na na na na na na... Batman! The most adorable and easy to use swim diaper from bumkins (that admittedly was purchased at the Greenbrier since mama forgot that was a necessary). 
  2. Play mat version 2.0. This one is a bit smaller and we use it more as the travel mat around the house or when visiting with family and friends. There are tons of options but we have the fisher-price bandstand play gym
  3. Baby Einstein musical take along toy is. The. Best. If not for the music then definitely for the lights and colors. 
  4. The best $12 I've ever spent in my life... hands. Down. He is totally obsessed with these links. I bring them everywhere and attached them to everything and he is entertain for what feels like years. 
  5. The most incredible sleep sack from egg by Susan lazar that I cannot find anywhere on the internet which is annoying because he can't sleep with out it and he's about to out grow it... I believe the maker is "bla bla" - I'll keep trying to track it down... 

Next up... heading to New Mexico on his first plane ride for his first wedding! I'm hoping to have some good Anecdotes out of that one!