cannon thomas. month 2.

wow how things can change in a month. my baby bub is still sleeping 7 hours a night (we're working on nap time) and eating like crazy and just being his happy heathy little self but what he loves one month changes the next. his second month on earth was all about sleep time, play time and bath time.

we also took our first trip with the little man too up to new york to visit with our carberry and grazioli families and for auntie danielle and uncle jarred's wedding. it was great and he slept in the car both ways (with a little help here and there of course).

well play time and bath time are easy and sleeping through the night has been easy from day one, nap time has been a challenge and we are working on that. i am trying to get us on a schedule on my own before resorting to babywise or a different method. maybe i will update you on that soon... but first his (and well my) favorite things from month two: 

  1. bath towel: this adorable and soft towel has been used more than i thought possible. a gift from anthropologie from cannon's aunt danielle. 
  2. two words.... white. noise: now that we are starting to set into our nap and sleep schedule, white noise is everything. he really won't sleep without it. the dohm is a life saver.
  3. play mat: i registered for this one from pottery barn and his aunties stephanie and jessica purchased it for him. he spends hours a day on it now. he's obsessed. 
  4. the giraffe's: sophie 1 and 2. aunt tori made the right call on these two. he loves the smaller squeaky one! 
  5. book: this month is the boss baby. which i hear is becoming a movie!

looking forward to the next month with my baby bub and figuring out what else he likes along the way!