I consider today to be a huge milestone. Similar to those that my son experiences literally every day. It feels like I'm finally an adult. At 30.

I know that's weird to say because I've technically been an adult for awhile. But something is different about this one. Maybe having Cannon makes it different? Or where I am at in my career? Or just where my life is at overall?

I started my blog to document my life and things that I find interesting so that I could one day reminisce. So... I don't normally and didn't intend on writing sentimental posts. But for my 30th I felt like it was necessary...

To my husband and son... I love you as much as the moon loves the stars. You make every day so amazing. Thank you for spending this day and every day with me. I feel so lucky to wake up to you both! To my family (immediate and extended - grazioli, Tierney and carberry)... thank you for getting me to 30. I'm sure I was a pain in the ass most of the time but it was worth it. I love you. To the Fram... you're the sisters and brothers I chose day to day and I love experiencing all of life's milestones together. To my buddies... it's been 10 years of the best friendships I could have ever asked for. I love you to pieces. To my friends... Thank you for making the last 30 a wild ride.



In The first thirty years of existence I've learned a lot I'd say, grown a lot and experienced so much life (thanks in part to the people previously mentioned). But today I am just so excited because I really can't wait for the next 30. I often think about how people hate birthdays and hate getting older which, I'm sorry, is sad. Why would you waste time being sad about an inevitability of life? I love it! As anyone who knows me, knows, my birthday is a HUGE deal. I love it! And I love what birthdays stand for. They are a time to celebrate someone, a person in your life. To take a minute to just think how great it is that that person was put on this earth. And if you're celebrating that and wishing them happiness on that day then there is something to be happy about. They mean something to you.  I am always thankful for this. I am always so excited to receive a card or simple text or Facebook post with those that wish me happiness on this day for the next year.

for those that wished happiness for me on March 16, 2016 I would say your wish came true. Because my 29th was the most amazing, emotional, exciting, exhausting and happy year. And I hope that year 30 and the rest to follow are filled with even just the tiniest bit of what made 29 so great!

Peace out twenties! You've been really amazing... and I'm so ready for 30!