cannon thomas: month 1.

Holy crap is it February 1?!? How is that possible! One month has come and gone with the little man and honestly I feel like he's going to turn 18 tomorrow... so much changes so quickly! 

We've gotten into a groove pretty quickly and I consider myself so lucky because he is eating and sleeping like a champ (and yes I'm knocking on wood right now). According to my pediatrician we got on the right schedule without even knowing it... Bed at 8:00 and feedings at 11:00, 1:00 and 5:00. Of course we are having nights that are a little more flexible in that routine than others but I'm being pretty strict already about getting him on a schedule. 

Cannon is a world of trouble because I will be humiliating him on a monthly, then yearly basis with photos, for the rest of his life. I am personally not a fan of when moms post long winded milestone posts for their babies (to each their own, just not my thing). So, when I was getting ready for our one month photo shoot, I instead had the idea to place Cannon with all of the things that filled his first month - his "favorite" things if you will. So I'll be starting a monthly series of babies' favorite things... 

  1. Book: "Good Night Daddy" could obviously be any book but Patrick usually picks this one at bedtime (for obviously reasons). 
  2. Pacifier: the one they gave him in the hospital is still his favorite. We use it at bedtime mostly. But the Soothies seem to be the best and easiest for him one month in. 
  3. Stuffed Animal: if I could buy every jelly cat I would. They are the. Softest. Ever. But this one is his favorite (he got it the day after he was born in the hospital from his uncle Tommy). 
  4. Hat: because it's winter and this one is mommy's favorite on his (I loved it so much I bought a second one in grey). It's from Monica and Andy and came in his cuddle box With his... 
  5. blanket: mommy and daddy are attempting to pass on our love for biking with this muslin blanket from Monica and Andy 

can't wait until his 2 month favorites... unless they're the same and in which case this series of posts will be super boring.



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