I’m always looking forward to working with new clients and this new one was really something different. A beauty product with distinct look, with a heart of gold and a desire to give back. Any my job? To capture that product in use, in the prettiest way of course! 

SoapBox is a soap company that keeps giving back at its' core. Founded by David Simnick while he was at American University here in DC, he wanted to start a company that empowered people to use a product that affected change. The first batch of SoapBox Soaps was made by David in his home. And now, just seven years later it's available nationwide! 

I got lucky with this shoot because well, it took place in my home. So we were able to breeze through and capture more photos than Laura Metzler ever wanted or needed to take but he results were amazing! Really looking forward to seeing the finished product soon and a long term working relationship with this awesome company. 


EC: What was the bright idea that started Soapbox?

SB: Something as simple as a bar of soap can truly change someone’s life and it’s such a basic commodity to us that the amazing impact of it is often overlooked. I started Soapbox because I saw a need that had to be addressed; making soap available to everyone. But not only soap, hygiene education as well. While working with the USAID I saw a gap, clean water was being provided but soap and hygiene lessons were not. Each purchase of our products donates a bar of soap to someone in need and also funds hygiene education taught by the people in the communities we serve. At Soapbox, our mission is to empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases. We thoughtfully craft our products to include hand-selected ingredients that result in amazing experiences because we believe you shouldn’t have to give up quality for charity. We’re here to educate and encourage the general masses to become involved in supporting great work simply by making a purchase they already have on their list.


EC: Charity is obviously a cornerstone of the organization - how did you select the organizations that benefit from Soapbox sales?

SB: At Soapbox, our goal is to do the most good possible. This is why we practice sustainable giving and we partner with nonprofits that do the same. When it comes to choosing our partners, we look for groups that are educating the communities in which they serve. It’s taking the saying, “Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime” and applying it to our giving model. We do not want those we serve to become dependant on these amazing partners, but rather to learn from them and practice the skills they teach on their own.

EC: Our work together was on a product photo shoot. What will the photos be used for and why did you choose to work with me?

SB: The images will be used for online marketing materials such as ads, social posts, website pages and more. Our photoshoot was the first where models were hired; we were inexperienced in giving direction so that the run of show would go smoothly. You were recommended by our photographer and we checked out your work and saw a beautiful aesthetic that was very similar to the new look we currently have.


EC: Your scents are all clean and earthy - how do these come to fruition?

SB: First, we research what is trending in the market and what is in demand by consumers. We also take a careful look at the gaps so we can provide a scent that is not explored by any other brand. We then work with our amazing fragrance team to create the custom scent that includes naturally derived ingredients. We are very thoughtful with the way we create our products and that includes the scent component.


EC: Where can you currently find products in Washington, DC?

SB: In Washington, D.C. you can find our products in Rite Aid, Giant, Vitamin Shoppe, & Target. We also sell online on our store and on Amazon.

I am now also a user of their bamboo shampoo and conditioner and I love it! It smells so good and works on my hair really well (which isn't easy)! So go check them out or grab a bottle or bar from their website.



photos for this post: Lauren Louise Photography and myself