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Truth be told I've wanted to be friends with Mary for like ever. I had heard she was this awesome maven behind dc's newest drink shop and I just wanted to know what she was all about. But it wasn't until I invited her to a small lady friend brunch in May 2016 that we instantly became besties. Over the next year, Mary and I became so close that I hired her to literally run shit day of for my dad's wedding ... that's putting a lot of trust in one person (if you know how my dad and i operate you would know that this is huge). 

Mary is the kind of person that is smiling 95% of the time, always up for a good challenge and can throw back a couple bottles of wine over hours of conversation that feels like minutes. But beyond that, since I met Mary she took a leap of faith in herself and her business to go out on her own and start Mary Elizabeth Creative, and as a friend, fellow creative and sister (in the wine and blue of course), I could not be more proud and impressed. Her latest achievement? Actually being the go-to manager for DC's premier photo festival FotoWeekDC. And she killed it. 

And to cap off the year, I could not imagine hosting my 3rd annual lady friend brunch with anyone else. Oh and that wedding of my dad's? Because of her executing my vision to PERFECTION... is getting published tomorrow in Wedding Chicks. Soooo who is this awesome chick? Read on friends... 

EC: What do you do for clients as Mary Elizabeth Creative?

MEC: I’m a creative consultant, which means I do all kinds of things for clients- depending on their specific needs. I design, plan and execute events, execute and style photoshoots and help
brands to create their social media / digital marketing strategies. I feel super lucky that I get to
exercise my creative muscles in so many ways!

EC: Do you have a hobby? If so, what do you love to do?

MEC: Well, I don’t know if eating is a hobby, haha, but my husband and I are very adventurous
eaters; I love going to new restaurants as they open throughout the city and exploring new
cuisines. My favorite spot right now is Urban Butcher, up in Silver Spring. If you are a
meat-eater, trust me, and get yourself a reservation immediately.

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EC: Where do you find inspiration in your work?

MEC: Everywhere, honestly. I find a lot of inspiration in walking through the city (or any city really). The sights, the people, the architecture- I find a lot of artistic inspiration just taking my own little “photowalks”- it’s one of my favorite things to do in the city. Just grab my camera for the afternoon and head out into the city- no agenda except to capture something new. I always end up with new ideas for projects or clients! I also find myself feeling inspired when exploring other people’s work. Seeing the projects my creative friends work on, or the art they create, is really inspiring to me, and definitely motivates me to continue creating, myself.

EC: Are there any upcoming/past/current projects that you are particularly excited about?

MEC: I’m excited for our second Holiday Brunch! Bringing together creative ladies for an afternoon of eating tasty bites, drinking champagne and enjoying each other’s company- really not anything better than that! Aside from that, I’m just finding myself really excited to kick of 2018 with a bang! I have so many ideas and plans for how to make this my best, and most successful year yet, and I just can’t wait to get started!

EC: What was the catalyst for going out on your own?

MEC: A mixture of timing, life circumstance and having the most supportive friends and family. I found myself in a position where my current job was likely going to have to cut my hours down, so it was clear that this was the right time to really give my freelance work the chance to become my full time job. My friends, family, and my husband were all so supportive and encouraging, and I just felt it was the right time. It’s definitely challenging, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything!

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EC: Are you and Elizabeth sisters? For realz?

MEC: You KNOW it. Sometimes it honestly feels like I’ve known Elizabeth for forever, and it’s hard to believe we’ve only been friends for less than two years! She is definitely a major reason I had the confidence and support to pursue this whole crazy entrepreneur thing! Also TECHNICALLY we are sorority sisters, so there’s that too! #piphiforlife

Cannot wait to share this wedding that we did together and so much more! And check out Mary on her website or Instagram


All photos: Mary Elizabeth Creative

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