cannon thomas. one year.

When I asked Patrick to give me the one thing you would say Cannon couldn’t live without this year he said Moana. So either a. I failed as a mother or b. My child is destined to be on broadway. Because well you know... “screen time” blah blah blah. But I see it another way. His favorite thing was Moana because he has two parents that work really hard and sometimes need him to be focused on something else while they get shit done so that they can take him on all kinds of trips and fun adventures and for those he would also need a way to zone out while in transit... sooo he found Moana. And truly loves it. And laughs at it. And dances to it. And it’s beautiful (and also slightly like nails on a chalkboard now to both parents but we deal). 

But then Patrick started listing other things so here are the ten we came up with for the things that entertained cannon or that we found to be the most worthwhile purchases in the last year. 

month 1.jpeg
month 2.jpeg
month 7.jpg
month 9.jpeg
month 5.jpeg
month 8.jpg
month 3.jpeg

It has truly been the most incredible year. Becoming Cannon’s parents has been the best thing to ever happen to us. He’s smart, funny, energetic, so curious and has the cheeks and eyes to kill. My favorite? Watching his hands physically grow to become an extension of his mind to touch and discover everything around him. It’s amazing. And inspiring. 

1. Monica & Andy Hats | 2. Little Blue Truck | 3. Sophie | 4. Moana | 5. Construction Utensils | 6. Sleep Sack from EGG by Susan Lazar | 7. Nuk Sippy Cup | 8. VTech Walker | 9. Toddler Toothbrush | 10. Stokke High Chair

We love Cannon Thomas Carberry! Happy first birthday bo do! 


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