cannon thomas. month 11.

I am barely sneaking this one in under the wire (ok it’s late… even his photo was late) but what a big month Cannon had! Others than crawling and attempting to walk around he is just all mommy most of the time. We also had our first family cold for the entire week of Thanksgiving which wasn’t fun! 


So quickly going down the line of some of his favorite and most used things this month: 


He’s really getting close to walking so he has been cruising around d the house with his little walker. I have come back around to getting him dressed every day (we definitely went through a couple of months where he only wore pajamas all day every day soooo our go to’s lately are this cute onesie that I got from Mac and Mia (yes yes a onesie is similar to pajamas but it’s not actually pajamas). He got his Christmas present early (thanks to dad) - a ball pit. He’s obsessed! And lastly we continue the Blue Truck saga with the Christmas edition; and have decided it is his birthday theme - in one month! 


1. vTech Walker | 2. Stride Rite Shoes | 3. vTech Ball Pit | 4. Little Blue Truck Christmas | 5. Onesie from Mac and Mia

Heading into 1 year - I can't believe it! 


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