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When your Pi Phi sister posts about how delicious her mom’s cookies are you take her word for it - enter into my life Tracy Campbell and her business Cookies on the Side, otherwise affectionately known as “Your Cookie Lady” in my circles. Cookies on the Side has become a regular staple in every celebration in my my life, birthdays, baptisms, showers, weddings, and more! Not only are the cookies beautiful, well made and fit any theme, but they are without a doubt the most delicious sugar cookies I have ever had. And Tracy? Is the sweetest. I have slipped some orders in under the wire and she always manages to get them to me on time.


But what I admire about Tracy most, is that she has created an amazing side hustle for herself all while working, being a wife, a mother and I am sure an incredible friend and participant in her community (if she is anything like her daughter). As a new wife and mother myself, it is so incredible to have someone like Tracy that A. Makes delicious, beautiful cookies, but B. Is someone that I look up to. So, this little q&a was especially insightful for me to learn more about the woman behind the cookies, and I continue to keep bugging her to be a part of all major milestones until she physically can not make one more cookie. 

EC: How did Cookies on the Side start? Will it stay “on the side”?  

CotS: As a mother of 3 girls, I was always making school treats for special occasions….   One Christmas I decorated ornaments by swirling paints- the next Valentine’s  Day I made some heart shaped sugar cookies and swirled the frosting, like I had done on the ornaments - realizing then that I was on to something when I took them to the school party and the kids and parents Loved them! I think for now they will stay “on the side”....  With a full time job, making cookies is my therapy, so I think it will continue to stay “on the side.” I require little sleep, so I am able to manage both!


EC: Have you always been interested in booking/baking or did this develop over time?

CotS: I have actually always enjoyed cooking and baking.  As one of 6 kids I think I was always looking for ways to “stand out,” as well as realizing that if I wanted chocolate chip cookies, french toast, eclairs or “fancy treats” - I had to make them myself.  My younger brothers loved it when I made sweets and desserts!

EC: Do you have a favorite cookie design? Color/shape/theme?  

CotS: I can’t say that I have a favorite design - I enjoy seeing a party invitation or theme/concept and creating cookies to complement the occasion.  I enjoy seeing the joy on the face of the recipient - It is my hope to help add to the fun and festivities while offering an unexpectedly Tasty treat ( pretty cookies usually have little to no flavor).  (Ok- full disclosure: I love baby shower designs, baby baptisms, flowers on cookies, monograms, patriotic designs, blended hearts, Christmas designs, etc., etc., etc. :)  )


EC: Any plans for adding on other desserts?  

CotS: I do bake cupcakes and mini cupcakes for local orders, but overall, no - no plans to add additional options at this time.

EC: What is the greatest joy/hardest challenge in running Cookies on the Side?   

CotS: Greatest joy is seeing a Happy Customer - I recently had a customer tell me that my “cookies stole the show” at her bridal shower.  The hardest challenge is trying to say yes to everyone who wants my cookies, and I can’t….  


And hopefully she'll never say no to me! You can see more of Tracy's cookies and order through her instagram account here (she ships anywhere in the US!).