cannon thomas. month 10.

 Posting this one on delay… MAJOR delay… But wanted to make sure to document every month. It was somewhat of an anti climatic month in terms of milestones and new additions to Cannon’s life. And mommy worked her butt off so there wasn’t really much play time (which is so sad to her of course). 

We got some great presents from some aunties and uncles this month that really kept Cannon entertained… His new book to remind him of the big apple, a mini set of hockey sticks and net, and a new computer (so he can work with mommy every day). And while mommy was in visiting in the big apple she found the perfect winter hat that is comfy, warm and ties under the neck. And lastly Cannon stepped it up a level with his new toddler toothbrush. 

1. New York City book | 2.  Citroganix Toothbrush | 3. Mini Hockey set | 4. vTech computer | 5. Polar No Pyret Hat

Hopefully mommy will do better next month with getting this together 


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