wrapping paper reveal. lana's shop.

so for those keeping track of my annual posts (aka the second time i have done this post), every year I try to pull together a theme for my holiday gift wrapping. I started ordering one of a kind wrapping papers from shopkeepers on etsy so that all of my wrapping could be different and a new design/pattern every year. 


this year I chose Lana's Shop - what drew me in immediately about her work was that she had a variety of patterns that were both fun and traditional. i love that this year i will be able to mix, colors, patterns and holiday spirit! in addition to her beautiful papers, lana also create cards too. 

i had a chance to ask her a few questions about her work to get a little more insight into her creativity. and she just announced the birth of a baby boy coming this february! congrats lana! 


EC: First, is Lana’s Shop a hobby or your fulltime hustle? How long have you been creating?

LS: Ohhhh yes, this is my fulltime love + hustle. Opened shop in 2012 when I moved to Denver.

EC: Your patterns are very realistic yet there is something whimsical about them - what this style intentional?

LS: It’s just what comes out of me. I look at real objects when I’m painting yet I’m so drawn to patterns and colors that what you see is just a mix of how I translate the object.

EC: It’s obviously so much easier and less expensive to just go buy wrapping paper at store - but why do you feel like the investment is worth it for people to do something more new unique with their wrapping?

LS: There’s nothing like a beautifully wrapped present. It helps make any gift gesture feel extra special and extra fun. I’ve also had customers tell me that they’ve used the paper to line their drawers, or even use as envelope liners for their invitations.


EC: What inspires you personally and professionally? Does that impact your designs?

LS: I’m an outdoorsy, mountain girl and I also have a soft spot for plants...we have about 30 in our home. I’m also an animal fan, in particular our dog Lox. So you’ll definitely notice a ton of organic, nature and animal inspired creations from me!

EC: What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

LS: Fireplaces, the smell of snow, extra time with family and my favorite humans. I love giving gifts and connecting in that way. I definitely spend an embarrassing amount of time wrapping gifts myself. It’s worth it.


happy wrapping!