cannon thomas. month 9.

Ok… I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am ready for this nine month growth spurt, sleep, teething situation to end. The last month has definitely been the most difficult sleep wise since month one. His schedule went from an awesome 7:30-7 to who knows what. Definitely still down at 7:30 but is aware at who knows what time 3, 4:30, 6, 7:30… Just pick one kid! 


This month he has mostly been into exploring anything and everything by crawling all over the house - oh yeah and up the stairs! And we have been working on eating and expanding his food horizons. He chats to himself and everyone else a lot more and thinks he has very important things to say (which he obviously does). 

Most of his favorite things this month are more practical and boring than fun but have been necessary since growth has been the main focus. Switch in car seat was the big one! Bumped up to the big boy seat and we went around and around about the decision. Ultimately we landed on the Nuna and he genuinely seems to love it much more than the old seat. The angle of the seat and how cushioned it is seem to be perfect for all road trips! 


Day to day he has been become such a snack man so the stroller sick tray was a mush to add on for quick walks around the neighborhood and meal time dates with my little man. And washed down with his favorite water sip cup by Nuk. And I actually do mean that this one is his favorite, really easy to use for all, good grip, great size and most importantly it HOLDS the water - crucial. 

Cannon’s favorite thing since day one has been watching Patrick and I brush our teeth so this month we started regularly brushing his eight teeth and he is OBSESSED! He even tries to do it himself… (Also has been a source of entertainment when mama needs to get some work done - SHH)

And lastly we added a new book to the collection Little Blue Truck part two! 

1. nuna RAVA car seat | 2. little blue truck leads the way  | 3. nuby gum and teeth cleaner | 4. uppababy snack tray | 5. nuk sippy cup

Next up I think will be walking… We’ll see in a month! 


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