traveling with baby.

In case you have been following along in my life (which I'm assuming you have been since you're reading this)... there two things that are truths 1. I have a growing little man named Cannon and 2. We are on the go. All. The. Time. Whether it’s family travel up to NY, going on family vacations to any little place Patrick selects for us or bopping around DC to any and every client meeting. I often get comments like “how does he do in the car” or “what are some tips to keeping him happy on the go.” Well for the two people that haven ever asked me… This post is for you! 


My best advice for traveling (even if it’s a thirty minute trip) with baby - remember the senses and be prepared: 

  1. Taste: I cannot stress enough how much having a feeding plan can help with any kind of travel. When Cannon was four months old we traveled across the country to New Mexico to see our besties get married. Breastfeeding saved our life! Disclaimer here: breastfeeding isn’t for everyone and my experience could easily be supplemented with bottle feeding. So, feed on the way up and feed on the way down. I am sure you’ve heard this a million times before but trust it. Although I am still breastfeeding and I find that it is always the bail out in tough situations when traveling, I find that the concept of "feeding on travel up and and travel down” concept applies at all times. Lately since we are mostly traveling by car, we start every trip with a snack and I try to jump in with a snack before the end of the trip (while driving through cranky town) with snack number two. My go-to snacks at nine months are Yum’s crackers and lil’ crunchies
  2. Sound: Music is my Cannon’s best friend… Well ok mostly just Moana. But over the course of the last nine months we have cycled through various lullabies, musicals, movies and whatever else is on the radio. You will really be surprised at how quickly a baby picks up on a song to the point of recognizing it and wanting to hear it over and over. Even though you might get sick after hearing it more than twice, keep playing. Cannon’s favorites, which you may have seen on the blog previously, were the farmees, Moana and now we are transitioning to Frozen. 
  3. Touch: This one obviously becomes more entertaining with time… It has ranged from full on, constant interaction over the course of his trips, to constantly having to rotate through every. Single. toy. Most toys that are easy to chew one and that make noise. His favorite while driving has actually been his nationals bat because he can swing it, bite it and just generally move it around in various directions. Some other favorites are still sophie, his trucks, and foam alphabet letters (mostly because he chews on them all). 
  4. Video: Before you all start freaking out about screen time… Yes I let my ten month old watch movies in the car or when traveling. This is normally as a last resort and it is essentially the only time he is ever allowed to do it. As I have mentioned a million times, Moana is a life savor but lately he has been getting into a few other favorites, Minions, Finding Dory and Hercules (classic!). 
  5. Scent: Well this one I’ve got nothing for… If anyone has scent based ideas please share! HA 

My last and most important piece of advice when traveling with a baby is STAY CALM. I am strong believer in babies feeding off of the emotions and the way in which their parents react to situations. If you are stressed, they will be stressed. Try to just enjoy the ride! 

Happy travels!