rain = fall = warm beverages.

it finally feels like fall and a perfect day to make the transition to my fall beverage of choice - hot. tea. (the rest of the world can keep their PSLs). most days i can't resist going out of my way to pick up the perfect hot or iced tea on my way too and from a meeting, especially when my 14th street commute has some of the best spots for morning beverages. so i figured i would share my list of spots for good tea and which to order. 

1. Peregrine Espresso: Peach Blossom - the yummiest, slightly sweet full leaf tea (they recommend about 4 minutes for steeping but i say keep it in there a bit longer).

2. Slipstream: Golden Peony Rolled Leaf - a light and earthy oolong with just a hint of sweetness.

3. Starbucks a.k.a Teavana (shh don't hate the big guy): Emperor's Cloud and Mist - if you need an alternative to your typical green tea then this is a must have, but i recommend one tea bag.

4. Dolcezza from Steven Smith Teamaker: Lord Bergamot - the most deliciously bold early grey tea there ever was (it's also amazing over ice).

5. And if you're still in the mood for iced tea... Wydown. Iced. Black. Tea. [insert heart eye emoji here]. It's a slightly bitter, strong black tea that will kickstart your day.

also a major flashback friday since i shot these photos with the incredible lauren louise before i was pregnent... would love to grab a tea and hang at any of these locations with anyone that wants to take a coffee break.



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