so my last post was about soup.

and now it's september. woops! 

well i'm back! I started this blog as a way to share experieces that I thought were fun and interesting in and effort to document my life and share it with whoever would listen... i have fallen short of that. so i'm hoping to end 2016 on a strong note! 

since march 6, 2016 a lot has happened that i will be sharing over the next few weeks, months etc. we moved into our incredible house (after a year and half of renovations). i have been working on some fun projects with creative and genius people. we did A LOT of traveling (will recap a few of those travels soon i.e. from Napa and Jackson Hole)

aaaannnnddd we're having a #carbaby - our little man is due December 24, 2016 (we totally planned that)! our gender reveal was on august 28, 2016 and i can't wait to share those details and photos with you so soon from the incredible bonnie sen photography.

VSCO Cam-3.jpg

finally, patrick and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary just yesterday and i made a very special (awesomely delicious dinner). i attempted to recreate one of the dishes from our wedding that was our favorite - butternut squash ravioli with truffle sage cream sauce.

full recipe for the deliciousness tomorrow! and much more to come! 


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