avocado toast.

I am not a big breakfast person, so when I find something I like that is "breakfast appropriate" I tend to latch on. Enter: Avocado with goat cheese mousse toast at Slipstream.


Since I work from home I am constantly bopping around to various coffee establishments for meetings and just general productivity. Slipstream has been my go to since they opened, not just for the toast, but the atmosphere is contagious for productivity! It is consistently filled with people working, meeting and furthering their day in, what seems like, a meaningful way. And the bonus? Most tables allow you to really spread out to get work done, unlike some other coffee shop options. Plus they play great music!

But seriously, back to the avocado toast... While I don’t think anything could top chef Preston Martell's out of this world goat cheese mousse, if you’re not an avocado or goat cheese lover, fear not, I would try the gruyere and rosemary bun or the cinnamon roll (warm of course) - a sweet and savory option that overwhelm with flavor in the best possible way!


Hope you'll join me for breakfast at Slipstream soon. If not… Trust me and try the avocado toast!