kristin gaudio endsley.

Over the last five years I have had the privilege to work with and support some incredibly talented and creative individuals. They are what inspire me to get up and get hustling every. Single. Day. Because of this, I am delighted to blend these creative unicorns with a few of D.C.’s most chic interior designers for next week’s “West Elm Art X Design Industry Night.

In anticipation of this event, I caught up with featured artist Kristin Gaudio Endsley. Kristin is a recent D.C. transplant. I had the pleasure of spending some great time in her home studio, which ultimately led to my purchase of one of her pieces. Kristin’s raw ability to speak to an audience through both structured and abstract form and color completely blew me away. 

Kristin is a world traveler and I was excited to catch up with her before a trip down to morocco. 

EGC: Your style seems to embrace different compositions, both minimalist and abstract; do you prefer one over the other?

KGE: I do not. I am drawn to completely different pieces at different times, depending on the mood or environment surrounding me. I have three series at the moment, Defined (simple and minimalist), Nature Vs Nurture (a mix of organic movements and predetermined shapes), and The Organic Movement (allowing nature to take control of the pieces). I flow between these three series through out the year.

EGC: What sparks your diverse artistic direction between different palettes and mediums?

KGE: My work is process based. The minimalist pieces are all about control in myself...preplanned, exact, and strictly contained. I try to convey balance and tension within the space. I then go to the other extreme, and give up control by incorporating the weather into my work. This past August I was in Somerset, England, painting for a month. I was pulling the canvases out into the rain to see what would develop. It was incredible work with Mother Nature and allowed the different patterns to be left on the work. I gave into the power. Also, I love to collaborate with other artists. I’ve been painting with a street artist, Hannah Adamaszek, for the past 4 years! Being an artist can be a lonely occupation, and it is wonderful to work together with other artist. I'm headed to Marrakech in two weeks to research some ideas I have had swirling in my head for several years. I am taking advantage of all artistic directions I can at the learn, build, and shape my next projects.

EGC: As a globe trotter, I know that you are always on the go and you recently spent time in Australia creating new work. Can you share what that work was about? 

KGE: While at an artist residency in England I spent a lot of time in nature...long walks in the woods, digging in the dirt, and discussions of primitive civilizations. From that time I had a desire to work with clay and complete pottery. I was extremely lucky to have a grant accepted to do this, and I was able to fulfill this creative desire and learn more about it. It happens to coincide with a trip to Australia and that’s where I completed the work. I wanted to incorporate my style of paintings with organic movements with this new medium. I was so lucky to come across Yegana at Silky Shapes Studios in Sydney, who taught me how to create what I wanted to create. Now I am hooked! I plan to find a small studio in D.C. and continue the work.

EGC: Can you, in simple terms, explain your artistic philosophy? 

KGE: My artistic process shifts between conscious control to embracing accidental processes in my work. I use nature to guide my inspiration. There is only so much we can determine in our visual environment, but our lives are based around what nature has created for us. I then begin a color study trying to determine

EGC: Who inspires Kristin Gaudio Endsley? 

KGE: Jean Arp, Helen Frakenthaler, Yves Klein, Richard Misrach, Amir Nikravan, Dinosaur Designs, Garance Dore, Zoe Pawlak, Christine Dovey, Olga de many more!

EGC: And what’s next? Any exciting upcoming projects? 

KGE: I'm headed to Morocco for February and March to work with some artists I met this past year. We connected and decided to continue our journey together, working in one of the most inspiring countries for artists. We will have a show in London at The Curious Duke Gallery in June, which will exhibit the culmination of our work this past year. We hope to show in the US as well. When I arrive back in D.C. in the Spring I will be looking for a studio to continue my ceramic work and painting.

And don’t miss Kristin’s great work paired with the design musings of splendor styling next week at west elm on February 18th from 6:30-8:30. Hope to see you there!



photo cred: kge