come on carbaby.

Spent the weekend waiting for Baby Carberry to arrive. So, in not so patient anticipation of his arrival I figured I would share the story of how we found out the little man was coming and a few of my favorite things he has so far.

Let's start with confirming that when people say "you just know" when you're pregnant, was totally true for me. I had a serious gut feeling that I certainly could not shake but after multiple tests being negative I just thought maybe my feelings were off. Enter bachelorette party weekend... I'm not pregnant so let the party begin! I went away to boston for a fun weekend celebrating one of the bests for her last fling before the ring. By no means was this a weekend in Vegas where I drank my weight in pinot, but we had a great time at dinner, an epic bloody mary bar brunch and sox game - so there were plenty of beverages (even capping the weekend off in the airport with dinner and pinot before my flight). Getting home late, patrick was already asleep so being a touch tipsy, I couldn't shake the feeling that I might be pregnant so before showering I decided to take the last test. I hopped in the shower and patrick woke to find the text on our vanity as "positive." #woops 

Onesie:  Goodtimethreads  | Hat:  

don't worry I made up for it... after going to the doctor to confirm the results, I bought and wrapped a little gift to give him when he got home from work a few days later to surprise him with the results. (i guess with that hat you could say I had my fingers crossed from day 1 that it was a boy)

since may we have gotten so many adorable things for the little man but a few of my favorites so far are: 

1. For the nursery: 2 vintage hanns-peter krafft sheep (names TBD) 

2. For everyday lounging: This adorable grey two piece from Egg by Susan Lazar

3. For mom: Baby's First Year book - so I can be one of "those" moms that documents everything to one day embarrass him

4. For food time: Aden + Anais snap bibs (i think i have 50 of them - i'm obsessed)

5. For play time: This adorable wolf cub that we HAD to have because his name means wolf cub (hint hint) 

6. For nap time: A little snuggle time with the sheep blankie from Pottery barn kids. 

7. For reading: His Twinkle Twinkle Little Star book that everyone that loves him signed during his gender reveal.

Now we just need him to get here so he can use it all... Come on #carbaby - we're ready for you!! 


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