LIPP beautifully.

i have been really bad about sharing my projects and the amazing things i get to do every day so here it goes...

in the spring, i got the chance to work with the bossiest lady boss i know, Aleah Dorsey, to help her vision for LIPP come to life. 

with Aleah's vision in mind we worked to create a full service e-commerce site for not just the sale of her 12 incredible lip colors but a semi-custom and fully customizable system that allows you to choose your own perfect lip shade! and if you're not sure of which shade to choose or create, you can subscribe to the monthly lipp fan service to receive colors to test by mail! a truly unique concept in the lipstick market! we worked together to design the website, generate photo and video content across digital platforms and launch the business in may 2016. 

and my favorite shade? sydney - I'm very neutral in my makeup selections and part of me is just daydreaming about a trip down under every time i wear it. 

the other fun thing about this project was getting to collaborate with some other awesomely creative friends laura metzler photography and natalie pinto of the fashionably broke on photos and creative design. 

this week LIPP is going to be changing up how they do things, so jump on over to get $5 OFF your next lipstick order through Sunday using code 5OFFLAUNCH and check out LIPP at - hope you love what Aleah has created!