the home that never ends.

for the last year I have been a working on a little project I would like to one day call home. It has been a long and frustrating process but also fun and a great chance to learn more about design, construction and architecture. Tomorrow is a big day! We are getting down to the wire now, and my incredible designer, Kerra, with Apt Envy, has been sticking it out through the whole project to pull my dream home together. And since she’s amazeballs, I can’t wait for you to see how it all comes together! Tomorrow we will be sitting down to select some of the final finishes and furnishings so, I wanted to share some of my design inspiration.

that's ours with the bright red door (soon to not be red...)

that's ours with the bright red door (soon to not be red...)

We are really going for an eclectic contemporary feel, mixing the old and the new in both the architecture of the house and the décor. Our color scheme was pretty clear from the start as Kerra and I are both completely obsessed with everything black and white (patrick has been a little slower to get on our monotone bandwagon). I am hoping to bring in hues of rich blues and subtle rose pinks to enhance the truly clean black and white motif. Some looks I’m digging… 

So much more to come and will try to update as we get closer to move in (hopefully in 2016…) and check out my pinterest page dedicated to the renovations here



Photo creds: @dominomag @smpliving @jessclively @shalynnelson @aptenvy @westelm @popsugar